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S&S Automatika Kft. - HSS-DPS Harmatpont kapcsoló

HSS-DPS Harmatpont kapcsoló

Típus: HSS-DPS
Termék leírás:
This early-warning dew-point switch is designed for use in monitoring cooling water pipes or chilled surfaces in order to determine if temperatures are approaching the dewpoint. It is suitable for mounting on flat and round surfaces. The switch measures the relative humidity prevailing directly at the chilled surface and can thus be used to:
regulating cooling performance
switching cooling systems ON and OFF
signalling if the temperature is approaching the dew-point
Status indication with LED, showing condensation danger
Switching point at 90 %rh, hysteresis 5 %rh

Típus választék

Cikkszám Megnevezés Ár Db  
H7018A1003 Harmatpont kapcsoló 15mA SPST, 24VAC tápot igényel Érdeklődjön!
HSS-DPS Harmatpont kapcsoló 24V/1A SPDT, 24V tápot igényel Érdeklődjön!

A termék ára 27% áfát tartalmaz.

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