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S&S Automatika Kft. - CentraLine rendszer MMI

CentraLine rendszer MMI

Típus: CLMMI00N22
Termék leírás:

The CLMMI00N22 is a member of the PANTHER family of controllers. It comes complete with a cabinet door mounting kit for installation in cabinet doors, but is also suitable for use as a desk-top device.
The CLMMI00N22 is a bus-wide MMI and can be connected to the B-port of any TIGER or PANTHER controller and used to display information about all of the TIGER / PANTHER controllers located throughout the system.
The CLMMI00N22 draws its power from the controller to which it is connected and is thus powered by the same transformer.

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CLMMI00N22 CentraLine rendszer MMI (Panther, miniPanther, Tiger szabályzók soros portjára) Érdeklődjön!

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