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S&S Automatika Kft. - Controller for fan coil / lights / sunblinds, Excel 12

Controller for fan coil / lights / sunblinds, Excel 12

Típus: W7704
Termék leírás:
Multifunctional controller for 2- and 4- pipe induction/fan coil units, light and sunblinds. The Excel 12 is a room and zone controller which is suited for use in a wide variety of solutions.
The Excel 12 is configurable through an LNS Plug-in, with CARE or any other LNS based tool. The HVAC part of the Excel 12 includes a multifunctional controller for induction units and fan coil units. Together with Web office console and Excel ZAPP, Excel 12 offers a complete room control and operation solution.

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W7704D1008 XL12 WITH 24 VAC Érdeklődjön!
W7704D1016 XL12 WITH 230VAC Érdeklődjön!

A termék ára 27% áfát tartalmaz.

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